Ludlow Mills EPA FY21 Brownfield Cleanup Grant

The federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has selected Westmass for a $461,510 Brownfields Cleanup Grant at the Ludlow Mills.

“The transformation of the Ludlow Mills site has been remarkable over the years,” said Congressman Richard Neal. “The Westmass Area Development Corporation has continuously taken advantage of these important EPA grants to rid this old industrial site of harmful contaminants and breathe new life into its walls. The Ludlow Mills rehabilitation is a perfect example of what these funds are intended to do – revitalize hazardous spaces for the benefit of the entire community.”

“The award of this significant EPA Brownfields Clean-up grant allows Westmass Area Development Corporation to continue our vital redevelopment of the Ludlow Mills which will ultimately create jobs, provide tax revenue for the town of Ludlow and support post-pandemic business advancement and growth,” said Jeff Daley, President & CEO of Westmass Area Development Corp.


Ludlow Mills Brownfield Project Fact Sheet

Westmass FY21 EPA Grant Application

Westmass EPA FY21 – Draft ABCA

Community Relations Plan

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