Ludlow Mills EPA FY23 Brownfield Cleanup Grant

The federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has selected Westmass for a $740,000 Brownfields Cleanup Grant at the Ludlow Mills.

Grant funds will be used to clean up the 300 Series Warehouse Buildings and Mill Buildings 46 and 58. The 300 Series Warehouse Buildings were used to store manufactured jute before it was shipped off the property and are currently vacant except for the first floor. Mill Buildings 46 and 58 were used to house locomotive engines and as a machine and maintenance shop supporting the historic rail system within the complex and are currently vacant.

300 Series Warehouse

Buildings 46 & 58

As part of this cleanup project, the buildings will be abated of all asbestos containing materials (ACM) and other hazardous materials. Grant funds also will be used to conduct community outreach and engagement activities including the development of a Community Involvement Plan.


Westmass FY23 EPA Cleanup Grant Application

EPA Westmass Fact Sheet

Click the link below for more information about progress made to date with the help of EPA: