State Senator Jake Oliveira leads tour of Ludlow Mills

WWLP (April 30, 2024)

Kiara Smith, Emma McCorkindale

BELCHERTOWN – State Senator Jake Oliveira led a tour Tuesday for State Senate leadership highlighting his district and vital community issues.

One stop on Senator Oliveira’s tour, Ludlow Mills, which features renovated Grist Mill buildings. This area was previously the largest brownfield, or abandoned industrial land, in all of New England. For the senator, the revamping of these mills is personal.

“This mill complex has a special connection with my family’s history. It’s the reason why my family immigrated from Portugal and Poland at the beginning part of the twentieth century, in order to work in these very mills,” said State Senator Oliveira.

The renovated mills will include commercial space, as well as low-income and market price housing.

The last stop on the tour was Iron Duke Brewing, where they heard a presentation on healthcare in western Massachusetts.

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Secretary of Housing and Livable Communities, Ed Augustus, visits the Ludlow Mills

Westmass extends its gratitude to Secretary of Housing and Livable Communities, Ed Augustus, for his visit to the Ludlow Mills yesterday, recognizing his unwavering dedication in addressing Massachusetts’ housing challenges. Secretary Augustus had the opportunity to witness firsthand the progress of the Ludlow Mills Redevelopment project, including the successful completion of Mill 10, ongoing development at Mill 8 (pictured here), and the promising future plans for Mill 11. His support in converting historic mill properties into housing showcases a deep commitment to preserving the state’s rich heritage while addressing the critical need for affordable and accessible housing.

Secretary of Housing and Livable Communities, Ed Augustus, visits the Ludlow Mills on July 13, 2023. Pictured left to right are Dana Angelo (Vice President of Development, WinnDevelopment), Jeff Daley (President/CEO, Westmass), Ed Augustus, and Larry Curtis (President, WinnDevelopment)